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Lizard Drainers [entries|friends|calendar]
Crack the cap and be down with the green

sobe yourself
lizard pride
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work wise [08 Jan 2009|01:25pm]


Drain The Lizard

New one [20 Apr 2006|05:25pm]

I just joined this community and wanted to say Hello to everyone. I actually started drinking sobe only a few weeks ago and they're so GOOD, they're so addicting, I can't believe I've been deprived of it so for so many years.

Thank God there's a lot of flavors :).
Drain The Lizard

It tastes that bad. [10 Apr 2006|08:44pm]

[ mood | for the birds ]

O.M.G. This sobe tastes like a combination of everything in this picture: scummy bird water, the Pacific ocean next to the Venice pier, and recycled Sobe. But since there's some beach in my bottle I figured it'd be clever to have it on the label as well. My stomach rues my word associated brain.
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[08 Mar 2006|04:51pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket

new use for old bottles. trying to grow roots from a broken violet leaf. wish me luck.
Drain The Lizard

Looking for some lizard love... [25 Feb 2006|10:07pm]

Hey all! New to the community, so I thought I'd introduce myself/ask for help. I've been drinking Sobe for 8 years now, my favorite being black tea. I live in the middle of nowhere, NH, USA where the heathens have stopped carrying my beloved brew. I suffered for close to 2 years being told that it had been discontinued and it couldn't be gotten. I tried everything to fill the void in my soul. Energy, Grog, Dragon, Courage.... But it just wasn't the same. Then last week I happened to be taking a ride through New Jersey, and happened to stop at a gas station for a drink. What should I find inside, but a full case of Black Tea! Needless to say I bought the store out of every bottle they had. However New Jersey is a 7 hour trip from where I live, which makes it a little inaccessible. I have written to Sobe several times, but they are unable to help me. So I ask you my fellow addicts. Does anyone know of any online retailers, or stores in the southern new hampshire/northern Mass area that sells Black tea? I'm especially interested if anyone knows a way to buy it in bulk. Any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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new sobe flavour [22 Feb 2006|12:27am]


Drink up!

Drain The Lizard

[20 Feb 2006|10:25pm]


ahh 4 of these babies in a row. jeebuz!
Drain The Lizard

[07 Feb 2006|12:39pm]

Is SoBe Green Tea really "Healthy"?
It tastes too good to be true!!
Drain The Lizard

Bad SoBe. >_ [19 Sep 2005|11:35pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

I just opened up a bottle of SoBe Lean Mango(to fill the void in my life where SoBe Nirvana was) and much to my alarm, there was FUNGUS in the bottom! O_O The date on the bottle says December 19th so I know it can't be bad. I'm going to call up SoBe and see if they'll get me some coupons or something. I've never once had a bad experience with a SoBe and I hope this will be my last but I'm so bummed that I didn't get my SoBe fix tonight. :(


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Growing scales....gar! [19 Sep 2005|06:09pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

lizards in the frig......must exterminate. ::hearty gulp::
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upward! [08 Sep 2005|04:40pm]
[ mood | drinkin' on the job. ]

Drain The Lizard

click it! [20 Aug 2005|06:09pm]

SoBe love
Drain The Lizard

stimulative; [12 Aug 2005|10:21am]

Drain The Lizard

[21 Jun 2005|12:12am]

2 Addicted| Drain The Lizard

Irony. [12 Jun 2005|08:20pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I had to share this with everyone. I was having a hard time getting my latest SoBe bottle open, the one with the contest caps. No amount of turning would get it open, so my boyfriend decides to be all big and try to get it open. There was no opening it. It wouldn't budge, nor would the tabs snap. After 10 minutes, we get out a knife and start to saw at the tabs, and finally manage to get it open. What does the cap say? "You call that a workout?" I swear they did it on purpose.

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out and about [10 Jun 2005|11:15pm]

[ mood | returning ]


Somewhere, Nevada.
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sobe mountain [08 May 2005|03:25pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

pack it up, pack it in.Collapse )
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*newbie* [28 Apr 2005|12:15am]

[ mood | curious ]

so yeah, my name is Shannon - 20 and ever since i saw this girl Stefani in my class drinking a Lava Lizard ive been HOOKED...and that was in 2003.

ive had:

1. Strawberry Banana
2. Strawberry Daiquiri
3. Fruit Punch
4. Pina Colada (i think its gross)

i LOVE collecting the bottles!

here is my obsession.
Read more...Collapse )

7 Addicted| Drain The Lizard

[26 Apr 2005|09:55pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Just thought I'd let y'all know I'm SoBeing it up, Nirvana style.


Drain The Lizard

[12 Apr 2005|08:55pm]

I bought a SoBe Energy from the corner store today after riding my bike back from campus... As usual, I hung the plastic bag containing the precious fluid on my handlebar and started riding home. In the parking lot of my apartment complex the bag decided to rip and throw the bottle to the pavement. The bottle hit, made a sound like breaking glass and then rolled... I picked it up and there was a little dent on the corner of the cap but otherwise the bottle was unscathed. Awesome.


I found it strangely fitting as I contemplated not stopping to check the bottle since I assumed that it would shatter on impact. I was pleased, to say the least.
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